About Us

Growing up my access to educational and growth opportunities were limited and made me incompetent and purposeless. This occurred of my unavailability of visible and credible platform to access opportunities needed to spur up social innovation, sustainable development, employment, and entrepreneurship.

I was privilege to have an intervention in form of a formal university education, which exposure me to career opportunities, transformational leadership, and growth opportunities.

This optimize my life, and created for me pathway for sustainable development and innovation.
In Africa, 2 out of 25 youth only has access to educational and growth opportunities needed for critical growth, social innovation, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and employment. We became motivated to solve this problem by providing access to educational and growth opportunities. Hence, I established Opportunity Base.

Opportunity Base is an online platform that connects and gives relevant and beneficial information for the growth and development of youths in Africa, and around the World.

Through Opportunity Base we will be provide relevant information on Internships, International scholarships, Grants, Awards, Fellowships, Jobs opportunities, etc. Bringing at your fingertip growth opportunities that will help you develop competence, confidence, skills, expertise, and experience to become a World class professional.
Kindly visit our platform (www.opportunitybase.com) now on your laptops, tablets, iPad, smart phones, etc. to check this out.

Do send a feedback to us at (Opportunitybase.com@gmail.com), or (+2347060479296) for enquiries, and engagement.

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