Apply to attend the international AIDS Conference Netherland 2018 (Scholarship)

Attends international AIDS Conference in NetherLands

Applications are now open for the AIDS 2018 International Scholarship Programme. To increase conference accessibility to people from resource-limited settings and vulnerable populations, #AIDS2018 offers scholarships to attend the 22nd International AIDS Conference taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 23-27 July 2018.

The AIDS  programme gives financial support for people who would not be able to benefit from the conference. The scholarship made available aims to make the AIDS conference 2018 easily accessible for young people, financially constrain and resource-limited people, community representatives, and researchers.

Be parts of the over 15,000  policymakers, researchers, global leaders and advocates in Netherlands,  for the most prominent conference on any global health issues in the world.

Support Offered

Scholarship applicants can request a full or partial scholarship.

  • A full scholarship includes:

o    Registration fee (with full access to all sessions and exhibitions)

o    Travel (pre-paid airfare at the lowest fare available, from the nearest international airport);

o    Accommodation and Lodgement (shared room in a budget hotel for the days of the conference only)

o    Modest living allowance every day throughout the days of the Program (July 23-27 2017 ).

  • A partial scholarship will be a combination of some of the above listed.

Selection for the scholarship is a strictly non-biased scoring system by which committee of Scholarship Reviewer has been set up to check the application and score accordingly.

NOTE: Limited scholarship is made available, and all applicant are encouraged to seek additional funding channels.

The conference secretariat also gives free Abstract Mentor Programme for young or less experienced researchers to benefit from expert mentoring.

Scholarship for the Media Program

A limited number of scholarships has been prepared for all representatives of the Media. All  Media applying for the scholarship will provide their media accreditation, supporting documents (samples of their work ) and a letter from their editor.

Priority is for:

  • Participant that will help enhance their work in their local communities
  • Those who can assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge acquired at the conference
  • Those whose abstract, workshop or Global Village and Youth activity has been selected.


  • Everybody throughout the world or formal volunteers for HIV and AIDS are eligible to apply and must 16 years of age at the time of the conference.

Deadline: February 1, 2018

How to Apply               

Apply online through the conference profile. 

For more information, visit AIDS 2018 Scholarship Programme.


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