Apply: Colombia Government Postgraduate Scholarships to Study in Colombia 2018/2019

Apply: Colombia Government Postgraduate Scholarships to Study in Colombia 2018/2019

The Colombia Government is offering Postgraduate Scholarships for Foreign Citizens to purse Specialist or Master or Ph.D. (depending on the academic program) studies at a Colombian educational institution. Financial grants are provided to foreign citizens, in return for international cooperation received by Colombia under existing cooperation agreements.

Postgraduate scholarships in Colombia will have a maximum of twelve (12) months for specialization and twenty-four (24) months to master and up to thirty-six (36) months for a doctorate. The scholarship holder of doctorates that last more than three years has to assume by themselves the allowance for the rest of the program. Nevertheless, the Colombian university will cover all the tuition fees during the whole program.

The Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded on an annually, for more than 12 months academic programs (master and doctorate) the scholar must request an extension for his second year. The extension is subject to the requirements of the ICETEX. It is clear that ICETEX has no financial obligation to cover the economic expenses incurred once the academic program has ended. The scholarship will cover period of degree work, neither internships or field studies.

Scholarship’s Value
• Tuition: 100% coverage of all these costs granted by the Colombian universities (only for academic programs found in the catalog of this call).
• Incidental: Grant of $208.853COP) for once during the period of studies, just in case of circumstances beyond the beneficiary control.
• Stipend for books and materials: Grant of $401.321COP at the commencement of the academic program
• Monthly allowance: Grant of the sum equivalent to 3 Minimum Monthly Legal salaries. $2.343.726 COP
• Health Insurance: Wide coverage in medical assistance only in Colombia, during the period of studies.
• Installation Costs: Grant of {$401.321COP for once at the beginning of studies.

• Open to foreign professionals in the range of age between 25-49 years old
• Applicants should have undergraduate degree (university degree or bachelor) in different disciplines
• Applicants must have a grade point average of 4.0 on the Colombian scale of 1 to 5, and at least one year of professional experience in their field of study.
• The candidate must master the Spanish language (reading, writing and speaking)
• He/she must deliver a certificate of these competencies
• A minimum one year experience in their field of study, after obtaining the degree.
• The candidate must be successfully finished college.
• The candidate must have an admission letter from the Colombian educational institution in any career determined in the catalog annex to this call. The academic program is expected to commence in the second semester of 2018.
• The candidate must not live in Colombia and must not have Colombian nationality.
Addressed to all countries cooperating with Colombia, except Ecuadorian, Peruvian and French citizens as there is a program aimed at professionals from these countries.

Selection Criteria
• Academic excellence
• Coherence between the academic trajectory, work experience, and academic program
• Professional working experience
• Study Project
• Reciprocity on educational cooperation

Deadline: June 1, 2018


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For more information, visit Colombia Government Scholarships.

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