Apply now: Africa Climate Change Leadership Program 2017

Africa climate Change Leadership

Application closes: 30th September, 2017

Applications is now on for The Africa Climate Leadership Program (AfriCLP), this is a grants awards program that recognizes and incentivizes exemplary individuals and organizations to build leadership capacity in response to climate change.

The essence of the Africa Climate Change awards program is to equip local climate change leaders who can reform the severity of climate-related issues on African ecosystems and economies, as well gives course of action on the solution on how countries can develop resilience to these impacts.

The Africa Climate Change Leadership program is set to target distinct researchers, policy advisors/analysts and practitioners with the potential to become leaders in their field, allowing them to develop and test their ideas that can scale and strengthen their leadership capacity.

African Climate Leadership Program is funded by IDRC and managed by the University of Nairobi and the Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA) – University of Dares Salaam. With the major aims of building on the past investments by IDRC to achieve sustainability and impact at scale.

Benefits of the Africa Climate Change Leadership Program

  • Improving Resilience to Climate Change: The program seeks to contribute to strengthening resilience to climate extremes by improving the ability of communities and governments to adapt to changes, anticipate what might happen next and absorb climate shocks when they do come along;
  • Improving the Use of Research Evidence: The program seeks to empower fellows to build theory and empirical evidence on ways to strengthen the connections between research evidence, decision making, and climate change adaptation and preparedness;
  • Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice: In addition to awarding research, career-development, and mentoring grants in our three primary focus areas, the program seeks to strengthen connections between research, policy, and practice through limited communications and capacity-building activities.


  • Applicants must have been students/employed and reside within Africa;
  • Applicant’s institution must have significant presence/operations in any African Country. Applicant’s institution must meet one of the following descriptions:
    • Legally-recognized organization in any African Country; or
    • Governmental entity or academic organization in any African Country.




Applicants will be evaluated based on the following attributes that are deemed to exceed business as usual:

  • Innovation, strategic management, and thought leadership in addressing climate change;
  • Key climate (or closely associated) initiatives led by the applicant, and subsequent goals, benchmarks and plans for measuring success implemented by applicant;
  • Quality of engagement with non-profit partners, government organizations, and/or other non-advocacy collaborations;
  • Quality of collaboration with peers to develop best practices, influence behavior change, establish standards, and engage in public education;
  • Education and training of internal staff and management, as well as external stakeholders, partners and suppliers;
  • Academic qualifications and achievements;
  • Strength and relevance of Concept Note.


  • Application Form must be completed by every applicant. The form solicits information from the applicant on:
    • Fellowship type and program relevance;
    • Personal data;
    • Educational background;
    • Current employment;
    • Publications and awards;
    • Project description and budget;
    • Supporting documents (that must be submitted with the Application Form to complete your application).

For details information, visit The Climate Change official page here.

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