Stephen Lloyd Awards 2018 for Start-up Enterprises and Early Stage projects (Up to £20,000)

Stephen Lloyd Awards 2018 for Start-up Enterprises and Early Stage projects (Up to £20,000)

The Stephen Lloyd Awards now accept applications from early stage Projects and Start-up Enterprises, an initiative of BWB foundation to support new start-ups that has the potential to solve practical problems and create sustainable social change.

Stephen is passionate about developing new ideas, so through this awards, he aims to produce success by discovering and developing new innovative projects and ideas that can bring sustainable social change.

The committee of the awards is particularly interested in nurturing and support ideas that solve social challenges at a systemic level.


  • Industry experts and mentors will train selected team/startup
  • £20,000 funding will be made available to support winners and to develop their initiatives.
  • At the shortlist stage the awards will make up to ten grants of up to £2,000 to help candidates to improve their ideas further.


  • Anyone and Early stage Start-up Enterprises or projects that is superb, systemic and design to deliver high social impact are eligible to apply.


Two stages of assessment will take place, and the applications will be score base on the following criteria:

  • System change
  • Innovation
  • Evidence
  • Potential to benefit from Award’s wider network of partners
  • Direct impact
  • Clarity of idea
  • Individual and team’s position to obtain social impact

While the second stage involves selecting applicant through telephone interviews, based on the above criteria.


  • Prepare details description of your work/idea not more than two length sides.
  • Describe why your innovation is needed with evidence of need and broad explanation of the impact you will have, if you are successful.
  • You need to also put-in your track record, what you need for the idea to succeed and how you think the awards’ committee may be able to assist you.
  • In addition to the two-sided, you are welcome to provide one additional page of references and links to relevant supporting materials.
  • While you are not bound to any particular presentation format, they like the “Situation, Complication, and Solution” approach as it is succinct and structured. Somewhere at the top of the first page (before presenting your ‘Situation, Complication, Solution’), please provide them with the following information:

o    Project or charity name along with its company or charity registration number (e.g., BWB Foundation: 115032)

o    A one-line summary of the project and its intention and Website address, if available

Deadline Date: April 6, 2018

Send your applications to

For details information, visit Stephen Lloyd Awards.


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